Hellgate london multiplayer patch downloaden

hellgate london multiplayer patch downloaden

Wurm will now automatically die upon Wurms death. Stonehenge itself is a new hub that holds a larger number of players than most Underground Stations. Players who have more than one of an un-droppable quest items now have the option to destroy all but one of these items. This is a completely new area that not only has new items and monsters, but also completely new ways to experience the game.

Spectral Lash Mastery The damage of the explosion caused by this spell has been doubled. Fixed a clothing and armor texture-related memory issue. The cool-down for this skill now starts when the skill is used, not when it is cleared. Weapon Master (formerly Hollow Points) Increased the Critical Damage bonus of this skill from 20 at rank 1 and 10 per additional rank, to a flat 30 bonus per rank. Hunters, the ranged faction, are highly trained ex-military operatives who have been through almost every warlike scenario imaginable. This is the first major multiplayer patch for Hellgate: Download, direct download. The cool-down of this spell is now fixed at 6 seconds.

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Hellgate: London Multiplayer.0 Patch - Free Download
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MP.0 - Hellgate Revival

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