Project cars 2 - patch downloaden

project cars 2 - patch downloaden

Silhouette, Nissan Skyline BNR32, Nissan R89C, and Porsche 961 can now be used in Career mode. Fixed loading bar to become invisible hill climb racing cheats android gratis downloaden when local loading is complete. Oulton Park - Fixed floating white lines near entry to pit lane. Much-improved motion blur and bokeh effects.

project cars 2 - patch downloaden

Slightly Mad Studios have deployed a major new patch for Project cars 2 today, addressing a large number of the issues currently experienced by players. Project cars 2 - PC patch.3.0.0 Online / Multiplayer New game mode - The Online. Still huge gaps between cars when side-by-side, too. AI are still dog-slow where they were dog-slow before. It's nice to have 3-wide rolling start at Indy, but at 100 difficulty, the vintage Indy cars are 4 seconds off.

Added fuel estimation to intools software gratis downloaden crack Tuning Setup screen and ICM. Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds 28 Nov, 2017 @ 4:44am. Toyota GT86 - Altered aero positioning, and fixed an aero-lose problem without changing the setup. Formula Renault.5 - Increased rolling drag and friction torque to AI to balance their speed on straights. Improvements to various controllers vibration effects. LMP1 Cars - Fixed an issue where the AI weren't using the hybrid system, causing an imbalance with the player. Fix for an online issue where players would be shown an incorrect error message when attempting to join a game session which was full.