Downloaden battle for middle earth patch 1.03

downloaden battle for middle earth patch 1.03

(35 heroes can't resist its knockback anymore. About, privacy Policy, contact. All combined hordes now get special bonuses: 10 dmg, 10 armor for meleeranged, 20 damage for pikeranged and 20 armor for meleecavalry or pikemelee combos. Knights health reduced by 10 (215 from 240) Knights now do crush damage (from slash) Knights with both Heavy armor and Horseshields now have extra magic resistance Knight horseshields research cost and time increased (1300/45s from 1000/30s equip cost increased (400 from 200) Knight horseshields. Balrog whip attack now has a special critical damage bonus (x10) against Gandalf, lethal damage if Gandalf is casting any spell. Summoned Elves duration reduced (2 mins from 3 mins). From waging all-out combat among the vast forces of good and evil to controlling your favorite heroes and characters to managing the troops and resources of your side, the fate of a living, breathing Middle-earth is in the player's hands. No hot topics to display. Weather powers are now independent, meaning they can overlap their effects, except for enemy freezing rain. Elven Woods and Tainted land armor bonus reduced (40 from 50).

downloaden battle for middle earth patch 1.03

Here is the English patch (.03 ). In case you need. Bfme Patch.05 Battle for Middle-earth mod Released 2012. If you want to play. Bfme online, you ll need the official.03 patch.

Crossbowmen have a longer pre-attack time (730ms from 500ms). Help System 2019 GameReplays. Treebeard now has longer weapon range (600 from 500) and rock-throw damage (520 from 400) TreeBeard now has a new aura effect to help distinguish the Ents under its effect TreeBeard now adds a leadership to Ents, increasing their armor by 50, speed. Standard crush now does hero damage type (100 vs heroes) Catapults fire damage now harms friendly units and structures (100 from 0) Cost of Flag Banner equip upgrade decreased sensibly (450 from 600, full-discounts cost 270) Haradrim Palace can no longer research the Banner upgrade. Version.03 - February 24, 2006. Pierce damage of crossbowmen vs cavalry reduced. A brain retractor could reduce injuries to the brain and shorten. See entire list below. 150 pierce damage bonus vs Trolls and Mumakils Ranger cost (600 from 500) and buildtime (40 from 30s) increased, battalion now takes 20 command points (from 15 it's now very pierce (35 damage taken from 100) and fire (25 from 100) resistant Ranger now have.